The Appeal of Being Vulnerable

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Right now, I am enjoying being single. In fact, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I love that I don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of money on a girlfriend and having to worry about her mood if whatever I do isn’t what she really wanted.

There are some things I miss about having a significant other though. One of the biggest is the kink. When you are in a relationship with an adventurous partner and you trust each other, the sex can be truly amazing. The last girl I was with was open to all kinds of stuff, but submission was by far her favorite. It was a nice change of pace. I am not embarrassed to say that she was most often the alpha in the relationship. It was part of what attracted me to her. Part of what made her so successful in her career was that she took no shit and always got what she wanted.

When it came to sex though, she liked giving up control and having me take charge. She wanted me to break her and make her submit. I’d tie her up, gag her, and make her beg. It was awesome.

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