How Does She Like Him to Fuck Her?

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One of the many things that I love about live cam sites is getting to peer in on the sex lives of real-life couples. It’s always interesting to see the dynamic between people and what they are into. Sometimes I get surprised by who the dominant person is.

The types of couples are almost as varied as the types of independent models. The most common though are usually older swingers and fit young couples. The swingers are willing to get the nastiest and genuinely seem to get off on the idea of strangers getting off to them. The young fit couples often look like they are getting off to their egos and spend more time trying to look good and get into flattering poses than interacting. Some of the guys can be real pricks to the girls too, and that ruins it for me.

My favorite couples are the geekier ones where the guy seems ecstatic to be getting laid, and the girl is usually really cute but not at all glamorous. I find those couples give the most authentic shows and it makes me think of when I was that young and had those kinds of girlfriends.

Chat live with amateur couples, and you are sure to develop your own preferences as well.