Fake Pickup Public Fucks, Real Fun & Orgasms

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You know, sometimes the scripted reality-style porn is a little cheesy and it can kill the mood for you based on sheer, poor acting skills. You don’t have to worry about that when you grab your Fakehub discount. It’s one of those sites that figured out how to turn realistic pickup and public sex pornos into hot fantasies brought to life. There’s nothing cheesy about it and you’ll appreciate that the acting skills don’t get in the way of real fun and orgasms here.

You’ll get eight sites within the network, with the addition of the Female Fake Taxi site, plus the company is now doing original movies like Fake Scientist where a dude transforms a doll into a living girl he can have sex with. I see awesome things coming from these FakeHub Originals! What’s even better as well, currently, is the network is now accepting major brand gift cards as an option to buy. I think this makes purchasing porn super-easy, discreet, and convenient; I don’t know why all porn companies aren’t doing this. Anyway, this is one you definitely want to add to your personal porn stash, grab this deal!

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