Can Relationships Survive Without Physical Intimacy?

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What is physical intimacy? Is it sex? No, many would think of that; however, it is something close to it. In precise terms, it refers to those actions of getting close to your partner so close that you begin touching and embracing each other. Sometimes, it can be kissing, hugging, holding of hands, flirting, and even carrying each on the arms.

Upon reflecting on this description, do you think a relationship can succeed without physical intimacy? Very few to none would, and these exceptional cases would be that either of the partners suffers some psychological or physical challenges. Otherwise, physical intimacy would thrive in a relationship due to the following reasons.

It is love expression avenuea

How else would you want to express your deep love for your partner if you can’t show them in another way except for sex? Physical intimacy brings in sexual chemistry as well as physical affection in a relationship, thus keeping its wheels running.
Moments of physical intimacy generate romance, adds thrill, and, more so, releases dopamine and oxytocin hormones. These hormones ensure stronger built up of happiness, trust, and addition between the two of you. A real life sex doll will give you all the sexual pleasures but not physical intimacy as they lack hormones.

Reduces Stress

Studies of relationships and associated activities indicate that physical intimacy is essential in controlling levels of stress. The results show that holding hands, kissing, and even hagging releases oxytocin, which helps reduce stress. Well, you might also find this in sex, meaning even the iDollators can have the same. However, with a more real-life sex doll of any type, muscular sex doll, teen sex dolls, or others, they can have it much better.

It raises morale

According to a Sweedish Study, it is affection that comes before and after sex that increases dopamine levels higher. With dopamine, however, it means happiness. It boosts the personal morale of an individual, and this is what physical intimacy does.

It boosts immunity

Health experts say that sexual arousal tends to increase body immunity by more considerable significance. Explaining this phenomenon, Yvonne K. Fulbright, a sexual health expert, says, those that are sick ask for fewer sick days off. She explains that sexual stimulation increases the antibody levels, thus helping you fight viruses and disease-causing germs.

Brings satisfaction in a relationship

Touch yields an intense sensation that affects both physically as well as emotionally aspects of humans. A contact by a love partner makes you feel safer, loved, comfortable, playful, titillated. Physical intimacy generates excellent satisfaction in any relationship.


Typically, you do not have to have a real human partner to enjoy with all these. The most recent real sex dolls models offer more than you can imagine for sex dolls love. You can always choose from any of the very many available categories that fulfills your desires. The above 5 points are only the top ones; however, physical intimacy offers a lot of advantages when it comes to growing your love relationship. Learn the best way to do it with your partner and forever enjoy the sexuality both of you mutually share.